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one day desaru and firefly tour...
Sunday, June 26, 2011 @ 11:35 AM

Yest was a fun filled day with the lim's family and darling..we went to desaru..and it's one whole family..yes ah ma went too!!! I love to spend time with them..i miss all those times when im at my home..miss my sisters..miss my ah ma and mum's cooking..miss daddy's silliness at times.. and I still miss my ah gong..he appears in my dream as and when.. he must be happy to see us gng desaru together...

shall upload the pics when i got it from my sure they look great...darling and I woke up at 4am as we need to reach golden mile at 6am..we drove the car to ecp and had breakfast at Mac..took a cab down to golden mile after that..the lim's family were early...waited till 630 then board the bus to the checkpoint...

had breakfast again at was abt 9 plus already and my stomach is calling me..i have been eating alot appetite is very good..i guess the lil one is enjoying food.. :) had chicken rice and then we headed to a restaurant for lunch...yes eat again..the journey was 1.5 hrs chicken rice got alil digested..the lunch werent nice..quite disappointed...

the next stop is ostrich farm..some of the ostrich were let loose and free to roam about..perhaps they are the tame ones..daddy bought veg to feed them..there were so many of them coming to attack the veg..and they only eat the surprise they sell ostrich meat in the form of satay..seems cruel to me...

i thought desaru fruit farm will be interesting where we may get to taste some of the fruits..but dont have...mum taste the jambu..and it is not sweet at all..thought the fruits there should be juicy and sweet??? the end we sat down for costs 72 ringgit for 3 durians..daddy chose them..and they are superb~

brought us to kota kinabalu for shopping for an's terrible there..was quite run aircon..i think im used to living in sg in such a comfy place everywhere is aircon..nothing to do there..we sat there to pass time..our dinner is somewhere near the shopping centre..the food is once again terrible....same veg..can you imagine they used lettuce to stir fry?? it tastes horrible..

last stop is firefly...we took a boat at sungei johore...i enjoyed this the's my first time seeing firefly..they are beautiful...look like glitter lights on a xmas tree..darling also enjoy this part the most...we were all so tired when we reached home..hurry bathe and slept...

okie..let me update my birthday celeb this year..celeb with lim's family at home..mum cook my fav dish for me..she bought 7 crabs......there's pomfret fish too.. i love it.. so many fav dish..ended off with a surprise cake..and a card and pressie from my sisters... i enjoyed very much... the actual day i spent together with shauna and joanne for birthday lunch at soup restaurant.. our fav samsui chicken.. went to shop ard myself and bought a ralph lauren perfume for myself..comes with a free bag it is so nice :) meet darling at cck.he brought me to unique seafood to buy crab and cook at owen taste so nice!!!!!

update update update
Friday, March 25, 2011 @ 4:11 PM

Firstly, im back into the workforce for about 2 months already...getting used to working..i still have to take care of Jovan at I dont mind as this is the chance and only time I have with was rather tiring for me..esp sometimes he wakes up at night for milk or pacifier..however im getting used to it already..and im fine with it cos he's my son.. :)
below is some of his pictures.. he's now 6 months plus going to 7 months soon in about 2 weeks.. he's now weighing 9.2kg..big big baby...
is he cute?? :)

His pj from cotton on, i like him to wear pj cos v cute.

him sitting on he dont really enjoy sitting already..hmmm one neg comment abt walker is tt the baby may tip toe when he learns to walk..wonder how true is that..cos my parents did let me sit walker when i was a baby and im walking normally..

seems like his teeth is growing...he keeps drooling and keeps chewing his fingers or anything he grabs...

This is his chinese new year second day clothes.. :)

His daddy bought him a chair for him to sit... but seems like his thigh is too big... does he look like 1 year old??? ppl mistaken him as 1.5 years old...

cheeky him...crossing legs.. :P

another set of pj...

Yest was Darling's bday..i brought him to Yhing Thai Palace at 36 Purvis street for lunch..spent 100 may say wow so much rite?? but the food is damn nice...esp the mango salad..i almost finish the whole plate by myself..haha...the combination of the sweet, sour, spicy and the dried shrimps taste is just so right!! this is what we had below>
waiting for the food..we are so hungry as we din eat breakfast

So take picture..haha

See his face not happy already..the food still dont want to come

Finally mango salad..

Stuffed chicken wing

Tom Yum soup

Fried it alot

Green Curry

eating dessert...yum yum

So yummy the dessert..

After eating, we walk to cityhall..din want to drive there as we are too full..needed a walk to digest the food..we explore the new underpass from raffles city to esplanade. On our way there, Darling bought a R&B 2011 cd from that cd shop..and he feels like a carrot..hee..cos it costs him 49.90 for that cd..hahaaha..nv in his life has he spent so much on a cd.. rather poor thing.. :P

This is my present to him... braun buffel car keyholder.. and yes darling change car already to chervolet optra.. call it da jing..cos it's gold colour.. and he sold off chervolet aveo...xiao hong...

Cotton on berms..

Celebration at home..first time celeb with Jovan ard..hee..the feeling is so nice..

hmmm my colleagues are faster than me..they already tendered their still in dilemma whether to leave or feeling so good in my comfort zone...but money draws me to leave..should i or should i not???

a new start of the year
Friday, January 7, 2011 @ 3:45 PM

How was your xmas and new year folks?

2010 was a good year for me..a different status now..married..holding a degree..being a mother..marvellous isnt it? happy as may be.. however, someone who is so dear to me grandpa..*tears* he seen me grow from a baby to a mature lady and to the day i found my happiness.he saw it through..but he din manage to see the arrival of his great baby Jovan din get a chance to see his great grandpa..even till today i wont forget him calling my name on the phone when he's at the hospital..i believe he is in heaven watching me..i miss you ah gong!

Recalled how i celebrated Xmas last year? it was with darling..he proposed to me last xmas vivocity carpark..i can still feel the sweetness and how truthful the way he said those sentence to me..i wish it can happen again..haha..think im dreaming..i really wish we can go back to those dating carefree we are..not saying that we are not's just that we have to be more responsible for what we do now..cos we have baby Jovan our little bird..keke..this year brought little Jovan out on xmas eve..went sakae for lunch..forgot what we did already after that..memory is failing~~~oh no....i only remembered that we watched a movie on new year eve...the tourist.. :)

im gng back to work soon.....i really dont want to.....i miss my baby.....i dont mind taking care of's some of his photos..current one..hee..